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All visitors who visit the site are covered under this privacy policy. Reliance Property acknowledge the importance of protecting your personal, financial and transaction information. Reliance Property assure you that the information made available to us will be kept in strict confidentiality and we will use the information only to help us to service your account better, to provide you with products and services that you may have requested, and to inform you about other products and services that may be of interest to you. We do not sell your personal information to third parties. Reliance Property shall protect the personal details received from you with the same degree of care, to prevent the unauthorized use of the information as we protect our own confidential information of a like nature.
Reliance Property shall use your personal information to improve our services to you and to keep you updated about our new products or information that may be of interest to you including having our representative/s get in touch with you. The information collected from you would be used in the right spirit and context in which it is intended to be used.
In case, you don?t wish to be disturbed via any tele calling marketing activities, you may register this request by registering the numbers under the Do not Disturb Registration on the Home page.
The Customer authorizes Reliance Property to exchange, share, part with all information related to the personal details and transaction history of the Customers to its Group Companies,Affiliates , banks, financial institutions, credit bureaus, - agencies/participation in any telecommunication or electronic clearing network as may be required by law, customary practice, credit reporting, statistical analysis and credit scoring, verification or risk management and shall not hold Reliance Property liable for use or disclosure of the said information.
Reliance Property will collect and use of customer information only on a need-to-know basis to deliver better service to the customers. Reliance Property may use and share the information provided by the Customers with its , Group Companies, Affiliates and third parties for providing services and any service-related activities such as collecting subscription fees for such services, and notifying or contacting the Customers regarding any problem with, or the expiration of, such services. In this regard, it may be necessary to disclose the customer information to one or more agents and contractors of Reliance Property and their sub-contractors, but such agents, contractors, and sub-contractors will be required to agree to use the information obtained from Reliance Property only for these purposes.
Under certain circumstances Reliance Property may be required to share the information with the third parties, where we feel they can contribute to add value and improve the quality of services provided by us to you. Reliance Property shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that the confidentiality of your information is maintained by imposing strict confidentiality requirements on all the third parties with whom we may part with the information.
Reliance Property may also have to share your personal information wherever it is required to be disclosed under law to any of the governmental/statutory agency or regulatory bodies.
Reliance Property will use the Information to improve your experience on the site and make subsequent offers to you on products which may be of interest to you.
Reliance Property website uses cookies. Cookies are small data files that a website stores on your computer. We use persistent cookies which are permanently placed on your computer to store non-personal (Browser, ISP, OS, Click stream information etc) and profiling information (age, gender, income etc). While cookies have unique identification nos, personal information (name, a/c no, contact nos etc) SHALL NOT be stored on the cookies.
We will use the information stored in the cookies to improve visitor experience through throwing up relevant content where possible. We will also use the cookies to store visitor preferences to ease visitor navigation on the site.
At Reliance Property, we value your relationship and will at all times strive to ensure your privacy

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